Tiger the cat

Tiger is a striped male cat ( he's a tabby actually) who is the other love interest of Angela. He and Tom are rivals, and they are fighting over the love of Angela. Tiger is teaming up with Ginger to try and get back at Tom. It was Tiger's idea to make Ginger throw a flowerpot on Tom during he and Angela's "date".

Tiger lives in the tree outside Tom's fancy apartment. He is a feral cat, and nobody wants a feral, mean, wild cat living in THEIR apartment. He always tries to annoy tom by banging on his windows at 4.30 am, but Tom never hears him. He is going to have his own talking app in 2013. He is also going to be featured in the talking friends show by disney soon. ==Friends + Enemies== friends: Ginger, Pierre, and his best friend, Ben the dog. This explains why Ben is so mean to Tom. Ben is working for Tiger to help get revenge on Tom. He thought of swapping a jewelery box with a watermelon so Angela could dump Tom, but Tom found out quick enough at the terrace and bought a security camera so Tom could swap it again because tiger has no security cameras.Tiger got angry when he found out Angela was in Paris, but got happy when she got tiger makeup and every cat tried to woo her.

Enemies: Tom.

Love interest: Angela, when Tom isn't with her and when she is not overseas.


Angry tiger


Tiger happens to be a magic cat. He can change colours depending on his mood, he can fly, and he has super-speed.