The Adventures of the Talking Friends will be a new series that will premiere on Nickelodeon in early 2013 (most likely on January 18). It is rated TV-Y7 and has it's two first episodes being written (Meeting Angela and Trouble With Ginger). It will have a spin-off series Talking Friends Shorts premiering before this show. Nickelodeon announced that there will be atleast 1 Season and 40 Episodes with 28 episodes already named. It will release Lego sets in July 2013, just months after it will premiere. Talking Friends Shorts has already produced 62 episodes and will have 50 short episodes per season. Talking Friends has lots of merchandise and an online webshow so Nickelodeon decided to make full-length 11 minute episodes. Disney will work on The Adventures of the Talking Friends when Nickelodeon's short contract ends with Out Fit 7 Ltd in 2015. The theme song is We Are Talking Friends. More info coming soon


The main characters are:

  • Tom
  • Ben
  • Angela
  • Ginger
  • Pierre
  • Gina
  • Baby Hippo
  • Roby Robot
  • Harry
  • Larry
  • Lila
  • Rex
  • Santa
  • John (usually a gag of him talking on either Tom or Ben's hands)
  • And many other guest characters

Guest StarsEdit

It has been revealed that guest stars will be on the show including:

  • Selena Gomez (Coco)
  • Ariana Grande (Alexa)
  • Lady Gaga (Kitty Gaga)
  • T-Pain (Recording Studio Owner)
  • Tom Kenny (Mr. Skimni)
  • Cree Summer (Perry)
  • Jennette McCurdy (Sam)
  • Liz Gillies (Angelina)
  • Jessie J (Sasha)
  • Victoria Justice (Mariana)

Sister ShowsEdit

The Adventures of Talking Friends has its sister show Talking Friends Shorts. There is a article about it.