Talking Tom and Friends is a media franchise that focuses on video games, movies, TV shows, and novels. It is created by Outfit7. As of 2017, it is worth $15 billion. 


The media franchise focuses on five characters: Talking TomTalking AngelaTalking BenTalking Ginger, and Talking Hank. Their greatest enemy is the CEO, who wants to to destroy their company, Tom and Ben Enterprises. 


Film name Year Budget Gross
Talking Tomcat 2010 $14,717,462 $28,321,312
Talking Ben 2011 $16,991,104 $34,623,941
Talking Tom 2 2011 $19,742,223 $32,101,567
Talking Pierre 2011 $16,451,723 $29,572,612
Talking Ginger 2012 $17,542,641 $35,124,153
Talking Angela 2013 $22,105,944 $52,134,982
Ginger & Gina 2013 $20,467,871 $43,981,762
Talking Tom Gold Run 2014 $24,456,583 $56,869,880
Talking Angela 2 2015 $26,313,484 $58,761,427
Talking Hank 2015 $31,544,971 $64,892,309
Talking Hank 2 2016 $34,980,765 $71,104,873
Talking Tom Camp 2016 $42,341,872 $96,432,674
Talking Tom Pool 2017 $36,741,732



Based on films Edit

  • Talking Hank
  • Talking Tom Camp

Original novelsEdit

  • Talking Tom and Friends: The Novel
  • Talking Tom and Friends: The Adventures of Talking Hank
  • Talking Tom and Friends: The Parisian Scheme

Video gamesEdit

Game Year
Talking Tom Cat 2005
Talking Ben the Dog 2006
Talking Tom 2 2006
Talking Pierre 2007
Talking Ginger 2008
Talking Angela 2009
Talking Hank 2009
Talking Tom Gold Run 2010
Talking Tom Camp 2011
Talking Tom Pool 2012

Outfit7 have announced that the video game series is over, and the film series may continue, but there will be no more adaptations of video games. However, Outfit7 CEO Samo Login has stated that currently the company is focusing on producing the films through their division Outfit7 Pictures and creating games not within the Talking Tom and Friends media franchise, but they still might create Talking Tom and Friends games if their new games flop. Outfit7 are also planning to make a console game called Talking Tom and Ben Adventures which is based on the first three games.

TV showsEdit

The line of Talking Tom and Friends TV shows began with Disney's Talking Friends, a show that originally started out as a web series but later began airing on Disney XD in 2014. Disney's Talking Friends ended in December 2014, three months after it began airing, but re-runs still appear. In 2015, the studio that provides the animation for the films, Arx Anima, collaborated with Outfit7 to create Talking Tom and Friends, a TV show that currently airs on Boomerang. Talking Tom and Friends was a hit, and the Talking Tom and Friends Shorts were announced in 2016, and they will air on Boomerang in 2018. 


Most news for the media franchise is given on However, Outfit7 created a website called, and it provides news for the latest films, shows, and novels announced. is also used to provide glimpses into the plot and gameplay of Outfit7's games that are not in the Talking Tom and Friends media franchise. 


Talking Tom and Friends was started by Samo and Iza Login, who first attempted to create a football (soccer) app. They also tried to create a travel guide for Iceland. Then, they decided on a children's app called Talking Tom Cat. 


Cultural impactEdit

The first Talking Tom app, Talking Tom Cat, hit 22 million downloads in its first day, when it was made by a virtually unknown developer. Talking Tom and Friends has gone to have a huge fanbase with fan fiction novels, stories, and events for the fandom community. Fans also developed a spin-off virtual pet game called My Talking Tom. The game smashed records with 37 million downloads in its first day, and it spawned two sequels, My Talking Angela and My Talking Hank

Commercial successEdit

The apps' popularity has led to an entire media franchise, and they have been known for their notorious in-app purchases. Talking Tom Cat had 19 in-app purchases, mostly for in-game currency. The films have not met much commercial success, yet are still hits.


The franchise has generally received positive reviews. The games have been well-received, with critics praising the gameplay, but criticising the fact that there is not much of a plot. Talking Tom Camp, however, has been noted as the one exception to this fact. The films, unlike most video game adaptations, have received positive reviews. 


The franchise also has its share of criticism, with the anthropomorphic theme being criticised, as well as the apps' freemium tone. 

Reception of the filmsEdit

Film Metacritic score Rotten Tomatoes score CinemaScore score
Talking Tomcat 73 76% A-
Talking Ben the Dog 76 81% A
Talking Tom 2 85 84% A
Talking Pierre 74 79% B+
Talking Ginger 81 82% A+
Talking Angela 69 72% A
Ginger & Gina 75 77% A-
Talking Tom Gold Run 83 86% A+
Talking Angela 2 87 81% A-
Talking Hank 89 90% A+
Talking Hank 2 92 95% A+
Talking Tom Camp 77 86% A
Talking Tom Pool 78 84%


Reception of the gamesEdit

Game Metacritic score Destructoid score Game Informer score
Talking Tom Cat 85 8.2 8.7
Talking Ben the Dog 82 7.8 9.0
Talking Tom 2 87 8.1 8.8
Talking Pierre 81 7.6 8.6
Talking Ginger 83 7.7 8.4
Talking Angela 85 7.5 8.5
Talking Hank 86 8.0 8.9
Talking Tom Gold Run 91 8.1 9.3
Talking Tom Camp 88 8.4 8.9
Talking Tom Pool 92 8.5 8.6


Talking Tom and Friends has one attraction in Disneyland, Talking Friends: Elevator in CEO Tower