Talking Tom Cat And Friends is a show made into two seasons.









Number Title Airdate
1 Party 2 Jan 2014 Tom and Angela plan a

party but Ben ruins the

party decorations because

of hating parties.

2 Monkeys 9 Jan 2014 Salem was trying to have a

rest but monkeys kept

surprising him.

3 Crazeliness 16 Jan 2014 Fred talks to Tom And Ginger

about the Big Banaland of doom.

4 Geography 23 Jan 2014 Ben looks all around the world

and he can't find their country.

5 Vangorbang 30 Jan 2014 Ben invents the Vangorbang

to scare poor Angela.

6 String 6 Feb 2014 Fred and Salem get some string to

tie them together.

7 Obnoxious 13 Feb 2014 Ben is obnoxious to Tom and Angela

because of being cool.

8 Throw 20 Feb 2014 Ginger rubs the bingo hands for a

time for bad Mischief.

9 Quiz 27 Feb 2014 Everybody was in a quiz but Ginger

was cheating.

10 Vroomcars 6 Mar 2014 Ben and Tom go to Wildlife but their

car gets all weird wow!

11 Terrifying 13 Mar 2014 Ben scares Angela by flushing her

down the toilet.