Talking "Tom" Thomas is the lead and title character of the Talking Tom and Friends media franchise by Outfit7. The majority of the media franchise revolves around Talking Tom and his friends' antics. 


Video gamesEdit

Talking Tom CatEdit

Talking Tom first appears in the app Talking Tom Cat, where he is portrayed as an anthropomorphic cat who lives in the streets. He appears to have a fondness for eating birds, as he chases Talking Larry in the game. He is also quite immature, and is smitten by Talking Angela, a white cat.

Talking Tom 2Edit

In Talking Tom 2, he has moved into an apartment and is constantly harassed by his neighbor Talking Ben

Talking Tom Gold RunEdit

In Gold Run, he appears to be quite rich, but is not good at guarding it, as the raccoon robber manages to thwart him every single time.

Talking Tom CampEdit

In Camp, not much is revealed about Tom.

Talking Tom PoolEdit

In Pool, he buys a water park and is actually quite good at managing it.


Talking TomcatEdit

In Talking Tomcat, he is already living in his apartment, and spends his time getting Talking Ben out of his house. He is quite self-centered in the film.

Talking Ben the DogEdit

In Talking Ben, he agrees to help Ben find some chemicals that are so powerful they could destroy the world. His caring only for himself appears to have reduced.

Talking Tom 2Edit

In Talking Tom 2, he helps foil the CEO's plan to mindwipe the entire planet. 

Talking AngelaEdit

In Talking Angela, he helps Angela retrieve her song that the CEO stole.

Talking Tom Gold RunEdit

In Talking Tom Gold Run, he chases the raccoon robber hired by the CEO to get his gold back, along with all of his friends.

Talking Hank 2Edit

In Talking Hank 2, he meets Hank, whom he remembers from being a victim of the raccoon. He welcomes him inside his new garage.

Talking Tom CampEdit

In Talking Tom Camp, they go into Ben's time machine into medieval times where all of their ancestors were at war.

Talking Tom PoolEdit

In Talking Tom Pool, Tom buys a water park and lets all of his friends come in for ideas to improve it.


Talking Tom and Friends: The NovelEdit

Talking Tom and Friends: The Novel is partly based on Talking Tom Gold Run.

Talking Tom and Friends: The Adventures of Talking HankEdit

In The Adventures of Talking Hank, Tom only makes a cameo welcoming Hank into his home.

Talking Tom and Friends: The Parisian SchemeEdit

In The Parisian Scheme, Tom flies to Paris with Hank and Angela, who know the city well, to stop the CEO from destroying the Eiffel Tower. Ben and Ginger stay to monitor CEO Tower. Tom eventually foils the CEO's plan and he is arrested. 


Outward appearanceEdit

Talking Tom is a grey tabby cat with green eyes. He also has grey whiskers.


Talking Tom is generally kind. He started out as a very selfish and obnoxious cat, but after Talking Tom 2, his character developed into a nice and almost selfless personality. He is very fun-loving, but can still be quite annoying. He is also brave and more intelligent than his friends, except Ben. 


In 2010, Tom was voted #3 on Entertainment Weekly's "100 Greatest Characters of the Last 20 Years." IGN said Tom was their #1 favorite Talking Tom and Friends character. 

In popular cultureEdit

Talking Tom costumes were the third-best-selling Halloween costumes of 2009, the fifth-best-selling of 2011, the second-best-selling of 2014, and the best-selling costume of 2016. Talking Tom also appeared in the fan-made app My Talking Tom, which was nearly as big a hit as the actual Talking Tom games, and it spawned two sequels starring Angela and Hank.