Transcript Edit

The Talking Hank Segment Edit

The scene shows the episode name in a colorful card - Hank is Born!

In the jungle, Stan is shown.

Stan - Hello. I want a companion. A dog.

Just as Stan goes outside, he saw a package. He opens it as Hank comes out.

Hank - Hee Hee !

Stan - That's good ! Hey!

Hank races over the house as Stan chases him. Finally, Hank is found watching Bongo & Mcgillicuddy.

Hank - Wow !

The next day, Hank is shown sitting on the grass on outside. Suddenly, Hank saw a parrot flying as it sits near him.

Hank - I am Hank ! Who are you ?

Pierre - Pierre Pierre !

Hank - Nice to meet to Pierre.

Pierre - Pierre is hungry ! Pierre is hungry !

Hank - Let me see if I can find something to eat !

Hank goes inside the house and comes back later.

Hank - Pierre ! I brought you cookies ! Pierre !?

Pierre - Up ! Up !

Pierre is shown sitting up in the chimney.

Hank - There you are !

Pierre comes down and eats cookies fast.

Hank - Wow. Even I can't eat faster than you.

Pierre flew away as Stan comes back and saw Hank watching TV.

Stan - I guess he will never go outside and make friends yet.

Hank snores.

The Bongo & Mcgillicuddy Segment Edit

The scene shows Pierre & Hank sitting in a chair and Stan in the carpet watching TV as the camera shows the TV.

The scene shows Bongo the cop on a case for a diamond stolen by thieves hidden in the jungle.

Bongo - Where's the diamond ? Leave me, ape !

Ape shows Bongo to the direction of the diamonds.

Bongo - Thanks. I will name you Mcgillicuddy.

The thieves saw Bongo and the ape and killed with a gun.

Bongo - Aaaaaaaa . . . . . your second name will be trouble.

Bongo dies.

Hank and Pierre are laughing but Stan has fallen asleep on the carpet.

Second Talking Hank Segment Edit

The scene shows Hank & Pierre playing outside as Rex appears.

Pierre - Trouble ! Trouble !

Rex - Hello, are new here ? Are you tasty ?

Hank - Yeah I am.

Rex - Then I will eat you !

The colorful card shows Rex's debut !

Rex ate Pierre and Hank as They found a dog sitting there.

Hank - Hello. What are you doing here ?

Ben - I am studying this dinosaur's body by staying into his mouth. By the way, I am Ben.

Hank - Oooh !!!!!!!!! I am Hank and this is Pierre.

Ben - Got it. Now leave me alone !

Hank - Oh okay ! As you wish ! Hey there's a camera there !

Hank took pictures as Rex got shocked and threw away everything in the mouth. Pierre hit Rex with a big giant and heavy hammer on his head killing Rex as his dead body.

Ben - Good ! Now he will not make sounds cause he is dead while I study the dead dinosaur !

Stan comes back and took a photo of the dead dinosaur and went away.

Stan - Cool !

After the credits, Rex woke up again and saw Ben and swallowed him again.

Ben - I guess a dinosaur's mouth is the best place for me to study the whole life.