My Talking Hank (The Series) is an American 3D CGI animated television + web series created by Out fit 7 which is a spin off of Talking Tom & Friends franchise. Every talking characters have their baby versions throughout the series.

Characters Edit

  • Hank - The title protagonist. He is a cute dog who is a food and TV lover and has watched every sitcoms.
  • Stan - Hank's human owner. Living in the wild. He is a wildlife photographer.
  • Tom - The tritagonist of the show. He started appearing from Season 2 as when Stan goes to click photos himself , Tom and the gang shows up as the city is located near the jungle. Stan cares for them too as they also started living with Hank.
  • Ben - He loves pranking Tom and is a bit too much serious.
  • Angela - Tom's affection.
  • Ginger- In this show, Ginger is 1 years old and is naughtier than ever and often causes trouble for the gang.
  • Pierre - Unlike, the other talking friends, he stays in the jungle but still is their friend in a baby version.
  • Lila - This fairy has appeared several times when any of the characters wanted to fulfill wishes.
  • Roby - Ben's first invention as a baby.
  • Rex - The main antagonist. often causes trouble for everyone. His primary enemy is Ben as both of them are too much angry.
  • Bongo & Mcgillicuddy - Bongo is a cop and Mcgillicuddy is a monkey. They are the protagonists of the second segment where everyone watches them on TV.

Segments Edit

  • Talking Hank
  • Bongo & Mcgillicuddy
  • Talking Hank

EpisodeS Edit