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Lego Talking Friends is a line of lego sets to be released Summer 2013. Some of the sets include:

Ben's Chair (comes with Ben, Chair, Telephone, TV) $6.99

Tom's Living Room (Comes with Tom, Bookshelf, Chandelier and Accessories for Tom) $11.99

Ginger's Bathroom and Bedroom (Comes with Ginger, toilet, sink, shower, bed and dresser) $11.99

Angela's Terrace (Comes with watermelon, a ring, microphones, flowers, Terrace and Extra Building) $14.99

Roby's Factory (Comes with Roby, Piano, Doohickey)


Pierre's Kitchen (Comes with Pierre, blender, sink and extra accessories) $9.99

Tom and Ben Newsroom (Comes with Desk, Water Gun and other accessories) $9.99

Tom's Alley (Comes with Milk, clarinet, wall and) $6.99

Santa Meets Ginger (Comes with Santa, Christmas Tree, Santa's Chair and other accessories) $11.99

Lila's Flower Forest (Comes with Lila, 3 Big Flowers and a bee) $4.99

Larry's Tree (includes Larry, Bird Food, Tree) $6.99

Baby Hippo's Island (Includes Baby Hippo, Palm Tree and Accessories) $2.99

Harry's Fantasy (Includes Harry, Log, Sci-fi Location and Karate Accessories) $7.99

Rex's Forest (Includes Rex, Desert, Meat and Bones) $5.99

Santa at the North Pole (Comes with 5 Present boxes, Sleigh with cookies and milk and an exclusive Reindeer animal figure)

Angela's paris corner (includes Angela, table, drinks, fortune cookie, paris corner and accesories for angela) $4.99

Tiger's tree (comes with Tiger, tree and window)

Tom's photo shoot, which includes background only

The cinema, which includes seats and a screen only