Hermione is a female cat and Angela's mother. There is not much information about her and she is only mentioned by Angela.


Family or FriendsEdit Edit

Jack - husband, father of Angela

Angela - Daughter

Hank - Nephew

Honky-tonk - Younger brother

AppearancesEdit Edit

- Hermione is mentioned in conversations about Angela's family in "Talking Angela". She is said to have white fur and green eyes.

TriviaEdit Edit

  • Hermione allegedly thinks Tom is a bad influence on her daughter, Angela.
  • In the Talking Tom and Friends animated series, episode "The Voice Switch", when Tom and Angela accidentally switched their voices, Tom had to answer the incoming Angela`s phone call by her mother. Maybe a voice that sounded on the phone belonged to Hermione. However, Hermione's name haven`t been mentioned in the titers.