Full name Ginger Cat
Eye color Blue
Age 11
Family Tom (uncle), unnamed parents
Friends Gina

Tom Ben Angela Hank Pierre

Enemies Pierre (sometimes) , Giant Robot
First Appearance Attack of the Tech (Talking Friends)

Christmas Audition (Talking Tom and Friends)

Last Appearance Tom After Tom (Talking Friends)The Voice Switch(Talking Tom and Friends)<small/>
Voiced By Tara Strong (Talking Friends)

Maria Bamford (Talking Tom and Friends)<small/>

Talking Ginger the kitten is the youngest character of Talking Tom and Friends franchise that appears in the app Talking Ginger. Judging by his appearance, he might be an Orange Mix. He just got his own app in the app store. He is implied to be Tom's nephew. Santa does not really like Ginger because he was always annoyed by Ginger's naughtiness. He also appears in the app Tom loves Angela. He always tries to sabotage Tom and Angela's relationship. He and Gina are good friends. In Talking Friends series, he is voiced by actress, Tara Strong and in the Talking Tom and Friends series is voiced by Maria Bamford.

Relatives and FriendsEdit Edit

Tom - uncle (only in Talking Friends)

Santa - friend

Gina - best friend (stuffed animal)

Hank - best friend/role model