Chapter 1 — Angela was rinsing her mouth and looking herself at the mirror. Her roommate is a red fur named Si. "Angela, can you stop yourself looking?" she murmur at Angela. "I-I was just toothbrushing, Si," she popped her mouth bursting with water.

"But I didn't saw your toothbrush," Si replied in a sensitive voice. She then spit the water in her mouth. She then go hurriedly at the golden colored car, however Tom was right by her side. "Hi, Miss Angela," he was moving his eyebrows. Suddenly the extra seat at the back there is Anne, Tom's sister. "What were we going?" Angela shouted to Tom, "We're eating at the cuisine."

"What cuisine?" Angela then changed her dress into a pink silk dress. She then tossed the old corset dress at the window. "The Holdings Cuisine, Miss Angela. I don't want to talk to you anymore, you're not my boyfriend."

Angela then remembered her tormented past. "Please forgive me, Mr Tom. I am so sorry for talking so long," she cried with tears. Tom then hold Angela's back, however the dress is backless. He kisses her back sexually.

"You're mine, Tom. and I love you always."

                           ~The End~