Full name Angela Schluter
Eye color Light blue
Age 20
Family Hermione (mother)

Jack (father)

Hank (Cousin)

Friends Tom (boyfriend),

Ginger, Ben, Megan, Kirsten, Jenna Dr.Internet Victoria Payne (sometimes)

First Appearance Rock the Catsbah (Talking Friends) 

The Voice Switch (Talking Tom and Friends)

Last Appearance Tom After Tom (Talking Friends) 

Heatwave (Talking Tom and Friends)

Voiced By April Winchell (Talking Friends) 

Lisa Schwartz (Talking Tom and Friends)

Enemies Tom (sometimes), Gilbert(deceased)

Victoria Payne, Hank

Enemies Gilbert (deceased)

Talking Angela is one of the protagonists in Talking Friends and Talking Angela app and one of the antagonists of My Talking Tom app.

Description Edit Edit

Angela has big deep blue eyes, white fur with a light pink tint to it, small pink nose, long white whiskers, mascara outline around her eyes, and she has a slender feminine body, and a fluffy long white tail.

Apps AppearencesEdit Edit

She is in the apps: Tom's Love Letters, Tom Loves Angela, Tom's Messenger, I Want to Be Big, Talking Angela, Angela's Valentine and My Talking Angela

Quotes (from Talking Friends Cartoons) Edit Edit

Episode 5

-"Is it hot here, or is it just me?"

-"A cat named Tom? How unique. I'm Angela."

- (giggles) "Well, I was on my way to a recording session when my car just bursted into flames. I have to submit a song to Feline Factor before the deadline."

-"I'm never gonna make it to the studio in time."

-"Tom, I need a little more me. That's it baby."

-"Yeah, yeah, yeah."

Lyrics: When I was an itty bitty kitten

My momma would say to me

I`m a cats` main chatter,

But they don`t matter.

You just be who you wanna be.

Chorus: You`re Angela, superstar.

Love you just the way you are are are. (2x)

-"A little too much there."

-"I guess I'll never make it on Feline Factor after all."

-"Oh thank you, thank you Pierre & thank you Tom Cat."

-"I have to say, I kinda like it here."

-"I'd like that. Stay cool Tom Cat."

Episode 6

-"Miss me?"

-"Haven't loss bit of that Tom Cat charm I see?"

-"No. A fun dance video for my new song."

-"Great. I was thinking the dance could be sassy like this."

-"Oh yeah. Let's settle this once in for all."

-"Dance battle!" (with Tom)

-"Bring it."

-"What's happening?"

-"You're a bird."

-"Ahh. Look at me."

-"My fans love it."

-"Is that so?"

Episode 10

-"Pierre, what was the best decade to live in?"

-"Oh please. The 20's were the cat's meow."


-"To the 20's then."


-"Eww." (with Ginger)

You Get MeEdit Edit

Angela was featured in the song 'You Get Me', a duet with Tom himself. The music video features Tom meeting her for the first time.

Voiced byEdit Edit

  • Lisa Schwartz (U.S.)
  • Caroline Schiling (Portuguese)
  • Maria Jose Estevez (Spanish)
  • Valeria Buzdygar (Russian)

Family and Friends Edit Edit

Tom - Boyfriend, maybe Angela's future husband.

Jack - Angela's Father, never formally introduced, only ever mentioned.

Hermione - Angela's Mother, never formally introduced, only ever mentioned.

Ginger - Friend, thought to be adorable.

Ben - 2nd Best friend, She thinks he just doesn't like to show his positive side.

Pierre - Friend.

Megan, Kirsten, Jenna - Angela's mentioned high-school friends.

Rumors on the original appEdit Edit